Homemade With Love, Simple Scratch Cooking Review

Jennifer+Perillo Homemade With Love, Simple Scratch Cooking Review
Orange Balsamic Glazed Salmon

I love to cook and having the opportunity to review Homemade with Love, Simple Scratch Cooking from In Jennie’s Kitchen has been a great opportunity.

When I received the cookbook, I looked over the recipes from cover to cover.  My family does not eat beef or pork and one is a vegetarian, but I looked over every recipe.  I came across so many recipes that I liked and wanted to cook.  Trying new dishes seems to make my family happy.  And I love to see them happy, especially when I have tried something new and it turns out right.  With my busy schedule it is sometimes hard to learn a new recipe, but with Homemade with Love, Jennifer Perillo offers easy to follow, yummy recipes.

I like looking for good dinner ideas, so the one recipe that I tried was the Balsamic Glazed Salmon.  My family loves salmon and for years I have not been very creative in the way I make it.  The recipe was easy to follow and the cook time was not too long.  I have to admit, I did add a little more honey than the recipe called for (just a little).  After it was done, my family came to the table and my seven year old looked at it and said, “This does not look like you made it how we like it, is this salmon?”  I told him yes, sit down bless the food and eat it.  The fish was the first thing he tried.  I looked at him and asked, “How do you like it?”  Mind you, I gave him a smaller portion than normal.  He replied, “May I have more?”  I had won him over.  There were not any left overs.  Orange Balsamic Glazed Salmon is now one of my new salmon recipes. There are other recipes I plan on trying.  Next week I will be making  the Easy Roasted Vegetables.  I am sure they will  be a hit as well.

I agree that, In HOMEMADE WITH LOVE, Jennie shares with readers how to set up a homemade kitchen, including creating the perfect pantry—from the dry goods you should always try to have on hand, to what to stock in your fridge and freezer. From there she covers the everyday basics, offering shortcuts with homemade baking mixes to use as the base for all the yummy treats you’ll want to make for the family.

Jennie has been dishing out culinary advice for the busy working parent and time-strapped cook on her food blog since 2006, extoling the pleasures of cooking from scratch, buying local, and eating at home, and after the sudden death of her young husband, Mikey, in 2011, cooking would come to play an even bigger role in her life, aiding in her recovery and healing process. As she’ll tell you, “Cooking became my savior, and offered not only nourishment, but a sense of control in a world that seemed to no longer make sense.”


I am glad Jennie, has published Homemade with Love and is sharing her love for cooking and great recipes.
Growing up my mother would always say, “You can tell when food is made with love.”  Now as a mother that cooks, I hear my 18 year old saying, “Mom, made this with love.”  There have been a couple of days, my family has joked and said, “You did not make this dish with love.”  My point is Homemade with Love is very relatable to me.  My family loved the salmon I made and are asking what am I making next.  Of course the food is good, but I have gotten something more out of this great cookbook.  As I turned the pages, I was excited about what new recipe I wanted to share with my family.  The time I took, turning the pages made me feel warm, knowing there were so many good things to choose from.  For me, my life does revolve around food and Homemade with Love is a perfect addition to my list of cookbooks.
Jennifer+Perillo Homemade With Love, Simple Scratch Cooking Review

Jennifer+Perillo Homemade With Love, Simple Scratch Cooking Review


  1. Anytime you can lure a child to LIKE something he or she was turning up a nose at, you've got a winner.

    Making food with love is always a good thing.

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