McDonald’s So Cal McWrap Party Review – New Premium Wraps


I%2527m+Lovin+It McDonald's So Cal McWrap Party Review - New Premium Wraps

I’m lovin’ the New Premium Wraps at McDonald’s.  Last week my family and I attend one of the Southern California McWrap parties hosted by McDonald’s introducing the New Premium Wraps.

I%2527m+Lovin+It McDonald's So Cal McWrap Party Review - New Premium Wraps

I have been a big fan of McDonald’s French fries for years.  Now I have something to go with the fries.  At these event McDonald’s had what seemed like an unlimited supply of McWraps for us.  We had a choice of three McWraps that seem to follow the new McDonald’s nutrition guide.

Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap: Sweet chili sauce, creamy garlic sauce, and sliced cucumbers (calories: grilled, 360; crispy, 520)
Chicken & Bacon McWrap: Creamy garlic sauce, bacon, cheddar jack cheese and tomato (calories: grilled, 440; crispy, 600)
Chicken & Ranch McWrap: Ranch sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, cheddar jack cheese, sliced cucumbers and tomato (calories: grilled, 430; crispy, 590)

My favorite wrap was the Sweet Chili Chicken McWrap.  My son loved the Chicken & Ranch Mc Wrap and my daughter, the vegetarian was able to request a  veggie style Chicken & Ranch McWrap.  It was nice to know they could accommodate her as well.

I am glad McDonald’s is offering healthy menu items.  Although, I go to Mc Donald’s for the best French fries, which is not very often, because I try not to eat them to often; I plan to purchase the McWraps when I need something quick.  The portion size is perfect.  I did not need a side with my wrap.  Unfortunately, I did not have room for fries. The wraps that we had were made with fresh vegetables and the chicken was nicely cooked, with the right amount of sauce.

The McWrap Party was such a fun event, there was a DJ provided by 97.1, games and prizes.  I participated in the bingo game, where they were giving away an ipad mini.  I was one of four people in a tie breaker and was sadly disappointed when I lost.  As I right this my heart is aching.  That would have been an awesome win.  Seriously, I am over it.  I am happy we were extended an invitation and had a wonderful time.

I%2527m+Lovin+It McDonald's So Cal McWrap Party Review - New Premium Wraps

The New Premium McWraps have allowed me to be a little more open to eating fast food while on the go or if I need something quick without feeling guilty.  They taste good, are a healthy fast food option and are filling.

I%2527m+Lovin+It McDonald's So Cal McWrap Party Review - New Premium Wraps


  1. Those do look pretty good. I thought maybe the commercial was exaggerating on the size.
    Sounds like you all had a good time. Stopping by from SITS Day.

  2. No they were not exaggerating. I will be hosting a giveaway for them next week, so be on the lookout. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow, we don't eat at Mickey D's but love the commercial and may need to check it out! Sean on EyeOpener TV also gave them a good review.

  4. I will check out the video. I will also be hosting a giveaway beginning on Friday for free wrap coupons. Feel free to enter.

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