I try to keep my family feed with healthy snacks.   I recall searching for protein  bar alternatives,  because we were burning out on eating the same bars all of the time and stumbling upon LARABAR .

LARABAR was the perfect fit for my family, because we were all looking for something different.  In recent years I have noticed some of the other bars on the market were making me feel like I had just eaten a candy bar.  My body had been craving lots of fruits and vegetables.  So I was almost giving up on eating bars.  Besides, my body changing my daughter became a vegetarian and prefers a vegetarian diet. Like me was searching for natural bars to eat as well.

I recall having tried LARABAR prior to all of the changes our bodies were going through and thinking it was an acquired taste and at first was not open to purchasing the bar too often.  Then when I knew my body needed a healthier snack I went back to the store, some time later and began purchasing LARABAR for my family.

We like that LARABAR is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

Since we have made LARABAR a staple in our home, there are flavors we like, but recently we had the opportunity to sample a few that were sent to us by LARABAR.  One of the samples was cashew cookie, I had never tried it before. I had to share it with my son.  After we had eaten it, he said, “What was in that?  I want more.”  Since we had to share it, I am now adding the cashew bar to my list.  This is the best way to get raw cashews into our diet. But, my new favorite is the coconut cream. We have also, purchased the UBER bars and love the ones we have tried.  Actually, we just discovered them, I really like the roasted nut roll.

These bars are gluten free and  each flavor contains no more than 2 to 9 ingredients.  With that said, I have been hooked ever since and LARABAR is definitely doing a great job with my even healthier lifestyle.  I am happy it is something my entire family enjoys eating.