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I became a member of Blog Friendly PR, because I wanted to network with other bloggers and find blogger opportunities.  I cannot remember if I found this network from searching online or if it was word of mouth.  Needless to say, I am a part of this community and that is all that matters.

I quickly realized that as a blogger, there is a lot of research and networking involved.   Joining a community like Blog Friendly PR comes with many advantages.  I say this, because early on I was eager to retain so much information, but found it hard to find it all just through a google or yahoo search.  After joining the BFPR community I discovered there is a world of bloggers out there sharing information.  I can remember, the first night, after joining just sitting on the site and clicking on the tabs for different forums.  There was so much information.  The first thing I did was introduce my site.  Then I discovered a discussion about  affiliate sites and an area to post my giveaways; in which at the time I was not involved in neither format, but I found them interesting.

Over the past few months I have received emails regarding updates with the site, members are always informed of what is going on.

As member of the BFPR community, I am hoping to learn about upcoming campaigns and opportunities, especially the ones that would like to hire bloggers.  I knew from the beginning I wanted to monetize my blog.  I had been lurking around BFPR and found some great information to help me do so.  What I discovered after joining a community, is the smallest amount of information can be huge.  Blogging is a lot of work, so whatever, good reliable information you receive, “run with it!” Like many bloggers, I am trying to grow my blog.  I know that communities like BFPR can enhance my blogging knowledge, it offers the little, extra help I need.  As a blogger that was looking for a community that would help me find my way in the blogging world, I recommend Blog Friendly PR, because it offers a good source of information and community.

I have not actively participated in the discussions, but from reading through them, you can find a “wealth” of information if even you do not have anything to share.

Joining Blog Friendly PR has been a nice experience so far and I believe being apart of this blogging network will open the doors for other opportunities for myself and fellow bloggers.

Disclosure:  The thoughts and opinions written in this post are my original thoughts and opinions of Blog Friendly PR

bfprlogo Blog Friendly PR