Purex Detergent Plus Fabric Softener With Cystals Fragrance Review – Giveaway

I have been a Purex Insider for a couple of years and have enjoyed reviewing Purex products.  But, I must say it is getting better with time.  Purex is making my life much easier, especially with the New Purex Detergent Plus Fabric Softener and Crystals Fragrance.

Of course I had to try this new product out on my seven year old, sons clothes.  This week was the perfect week to try it, because he discovered that he sweats and has been trying everything possible to get sweaty, so that means he has to do a lot of running around and then he will for sure be very dirty.  With a washer full of dirty, little boy clothes I was ready to put Purex to the test.  I opened the bottle to a nice, soft, fragrance.  After washing the clothes the soft scent was still there.  While transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer I noticed the clothes felt soft while they were wet.  Ok….Purex you are doing good, I thought.  After drying them the clothes felt good.  It was nothing that stood out, but I was not displeased with the performance of the detergent.  Upon inspection, I did not see any stains, the clothes did not have any static and I was happy.

I plan to use this laundry detergent again.  I am happy Purex has added another new product to the Purex family.  I will be heading over to Target to purchase more.

Of course I cannot review this detergent without sharing it with my readers.  Please enter my giveaway for your chance to win a free bottle of Purex with Crystals Fragrance.  Good Luck!!!

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Purex-Crystals-150x150 Purex Detergent Plus Fabric Softener With Cystals Fragrance Review - Giveaway


  1. Purex is the ONLY detergent that I use for my family…LOVE IT! 🙂 You have a really great site too…good work! 🙂

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