JBURGOS Fall 2013 Collection – LA Fashion Week Review

J+Burgos JBURGOS Fall 2013 Collection - LA Fashion Week Review

On March 9, 2013, I attended the debut of JBURGOS Fall 2013 collection at the start of LA Fashion Week, with my daughter Ari Dixon of Chic Definition.

The event was part of the very famous Concept Shows on their sixth season of shows in Los Angeles. Concept supports designers by providing first class venues and production support to designers who want to show case their collections during fashion week.

Siren Studios in Los Angeles was buzzing with beautiful styles, stylish people and fabulous designers.

I was very impressed with Jennifer Burgos and her Fall 2013 JBURGOS Collection.  As I listened to Ari interview, Jennifer I was most intrigued by her inspiration.  As mother, I have often asked myself, “What styles are appropriate for a me?” I have become more conscious as I have gotten older, because my daughter has evolved into a beautiful, young woman and I do not want to wear clothing that would be considered too youthful.  The JBURGOS line was inspired by her becoming a mom and creating a line that will allow women to know they can stay “Fabulous.”  Burgos says, “you do not have to be stick skinny to wear my collection, it is okay to have curves and I believe it is okay to show some skin.”  “Being a part of fashion week and sharing my mission to produce trendy, yet classy clothing to the fashionable and chic woman is amazing,” says, Jennifer Burgos.

J+Burgos JBURGOS Fall 2013 Collection - LA Fashion Week Review
Jennifer Burgos and Ari Dixon

Burgos, presented some of her collection at Siren Studios.  She is a true inspiration for many people.

With a background in fashion design and over five years of industry experience, Burgos’s designs aim to show women that less is more.  Her expertise and creativity creates on trend clothing that gives women the ultimate, chic look. As a fulltime mom, Burgos also wants to share that woman can be more fabulous than ever after having children.   She is a girl after my own heart.  This confirms  what I  have already believed.  Receiving confirmation from a young designer that is speaking to women is inspiring.  For me the JBURGOS collection was a look for everyone that is looking for classy, chic and classic.  Considering, I atteneded this event with my daughter I found that this collection was appealing to both her and myself. 
J+Burgos JBURGOS Fall 2013 Collection - LA Fashion Week Review
Mother and Daughter @ LA Fashion Week 2013


J+Burgos JBURGOS Fall 2013 Collection - LA Fashion Week Review


  1. OMG Keiunta!!! The clothes are very cute, but GURL…I had to reread the first part. I was like…surely this woman does not have a daughter that's old enough to have a blog! You look AMAZING!!! You and your daughter better WORK, lol! I will go check her out. This was too cute and made my day! I wanna be like you when I grow up!

  2. Hi Joi!!! LOL!!! No, you have made my day!!!! Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I am old enough to have a daughter that old. It is funny, because she asked me did I know you and instantly I told her yes…from SITS Girls. She told me you commented on her blog. She was so excited. On another note, when I did my morning hike, I felt every bit my age and then some. I thought of and have taken your advice and I did drink before I worked out. It was torture, but I did it. Heading over to your site.

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