Crunchmaster Cheezy Crisps & Grammy Crisps Review


DSCN1814 Crunchmaster Cheezy Crisps & Grammy Crisps Review

Just the other day while in the supermarket my son was asking for a cinnamon pita chip.  I forget to put them in the basket and when we returned home, he was asking for them.  A couple of hours later a delivery person dropped off a box of Crunchmaster Grammy Crisps and Cheezy Crisps.  I knew we would be receiving some for review, but had know idea when they would arrive, ironically they arrived on the day I need them.  Crunchmaster saved the day!

Of course we could not resist opening the Grammy Crisps first.  They satisfied my son’s craving for cinnamon chips.  Although, he wanted a pita chip, this was fine.  Grammy Crisps has a graham taste without the wheat.  They are gluten free, 100% whole grain and there is no saturated fat.  They have just the right amount of sweetness.  They have a buttery baked taste without the butter.

We also tried the Cheezy Crisps.  These triangle like crisps are really good and cheesy.  They are gluten free as well and are made with natural cheese and just like the Grammy Crisps have 100% whole grain.

As a mother that gets concerned about my son sharing his snacks in school, I was pleased to see these crisps were baked in a peanut free oven.  Although, he is not allergic to peanuts, I try to think of his friends he may share with.

This week my family has been snaking on both Crunchmaster Crisps.  Being that we are a family that tries to live a healthy lifestyle I am so glad to know there are products like Grammy Crisps and Cheezy Crisps out there.  They taste good, healthy and are filling.  What I thought would be a good snack for my son has turned into a snack we all enjoy.

DSCN1814 Crunchmaster Cheezy Crisps & Grammy Crisps Review