The Bic 4-Color Pen Is Convenient and Fun

Participating in Bic 4-Color Pen campaign through Smiley360, has brought back so many memories for me. I can remember as a child wanting a 4 color pen. My mom who is now a pen collector always used the best pens and back then the 4 color pen was one of them. When I was able to finally use one or get my own I thought it was the greatest thing.

The Bic 4-Color Pen is still convenient and fun. As a mother of a seven year old this is perfect for writing notes to his school, especially when I want to write notes to his teacher in his Friday folder or weekly assignment sheet. I can easily pick a different color for my notes to stand out, without having to search for a different color pen each time.

I received two pens and have given the other to my 18 year old daughter, who is college. She always needs different color pens. Giving her the Bic 4-Color Pen is a perfect, small gift for the start of the new semester.

Like I was when I was a child, my son is asking for his own 4 color pen. I have not given him one yet, but I understand his fascination with this pen and desires of wanting one.

There are many uses for this pen, but this is how I am using my Bic 4-Color Pen at the moment.

Bic%2B4-Color%2BPen The Bic 4-Color Pen Is Convenient and Fun

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Bic%2B4-Color%2BPen The Bic 4-Color Pen Is Convenient and Fun