Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED

ZeroWater_6cupitcher Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED

Suggested Retail Price: $25.99

I am happy to host this giveaway.  I recently received a couple of Zero Pitchers when I went to The Talk and my family really likes them. When I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway, I knew I had to share this with my readers.

There’s no better way to get through the day than with great-tasting, pure water.  Enjoy pure-tasting water at home or office with ZeroWater’s new sleek 6-Cup Filter Pitcher, the only pitcher filter system certified to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s standard for Purified Bottled Water.  With a five-stage filter system and designed with space-saving convenience in mind, the pitcher makes it easy to enjoy fresh tap water that is virtually free of dissolved solids throughout the day. The pitcher sits attractively on desk or table and features a one-hand pull-and-pour button spout to fill any bottle or cup. A revolutionary new Filter Change Indicator lights up when the filter needs changing, plus an underneath water filter assembly ensures that water passes through the filter and not around it.The Zero Water  filtration system combines five sophisticated technologies that work together to remove 99.9% of dissolved solids from tap water, delivering great tasting water.

Please post a comment to enter this giveaway.  The end date is October 31st.

ZeroWater_6cupitcher Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED


  1. Every home needs filtered water! Would look great during my remolding.

  2. The development I live in here in NJ was recently forced to convert to City Water by the Township/County. The water from the City is contaminated by Radon, and has continued to fail the Clean Water Tests due to the Radon. They closed 2 of the Pumps, and have sent Letters telling that the Elderly, the Young, and those with weak Immune systems "NOT" Drink the water, but instead Buy Bottled water. Our Water Bills have gone up "300%" as a result of their continued attempts to fix the Problem, but "NO SOLUTIONS"!!! This ZeroWater Pitcher, along with their Filter, "WILL" Eliminate the Radon Contamination. This was confirmed by a Laboratory. I am on Disability only, and this ZeroWater Pitcher would help my Family Greatly. Thank You, Rid Me Of Radon, Ray!!

  3. i put a comment and i dont want put my email address that every body can read it, how you will contact me if i am a winner?

  4. We REALLY need one of these are water here is just nasty!! It smells like poop when its running, yuck. I think one of these would help greatly. and cut down on the cost of buying bottled water

  5. Been wanting to try the Zero Water pitcher. We use a Pur system on our faucet and have used Brita pitchers and faucet filters but have not been happy with either one. Would be great to get a chance to compare this with the others.

  6. My tap water here is nasty and I'm tired of buying bottled water that is bad for environment. Would love to win this!!

  7. This would be great for my family. We live near a coal mine and the water is terrible. You can't drink, or cook, with the tap water. It smells of chemicals and is a shade of grey. We purchase bottled water by the gallon, normally 40 at a time.

  8. I have brutally used a brita water pitcher for many, many years, but cannot stand leaks and broken parts that cannot be replaced without replacing the entire pitcher and then the lid keeps falling off.
    Zero water system is the best just by watching the differences in filter element construction. Even if the filter are superior and are slightly more expensive than the others, you are getting what you pay for – good/best filtration. Perhaps now or in the future there'll be coupons for savings on filters and canisters.
    I need more money to get one from Walmart, but I will.

  9. I tested the tap water here in New Mexico and it came back as a 267. We have the larger container and I can tell the difference in everything. I even cook with ZeroWater. I'd love to have a pitcher so I can be portable (traveling, hotels, camping). Would be so amazing. I also started giving it to our pets. Why should pets have to drink crappy water.

  10. I love ZERO water, and own the 22 cup fridge dispenser. I would love to have the smaller pitcher to put on the kitchen table during meal time to encourage my teens to drink water instead of grabbing soda or anything that is too sweet. Plus the taste is clean and a pleasure to drink. Thank you for making this wonderful water filtration system that is simply number one, and the healthiest purchase I have made to date. I have been a happy ZERO water customer for approx 2 years and will continue to recommend to anyone…Cynthia, from WV.

  11. Being on a tight-tight budget bottled water is out. Zero water is the economic answer. You know you're getting quality water.

  12. love Zero, we have the water dispenser unit. my coffee and tea taste so much better…would love to win the pitcher for my daughter in college.

  13. Just found out our score is 538!!! Yuck! Zero water has kept popping up in my search so can't wait to try!

  14. My husband is a disabled veteran who has multi-organ Sarcoidosis and this is the ONLY source of water that is safe for him to drink. You ROCK Zero Water!!!!

  15. I won a box of filters for the Zero Water Pitcher and have no pitcher for them – I would love to give one of these pitchers a new home!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  16. Love my large Zero Water pitcher! How great it would be to have one at work also, and not carry water with me.
    Thanks for the chance

  17. zero water is the best by far and the only way to drink water! been using the pitcher for years and love it

  18. Hi Zero Water.. I have used your large counter top container for over a year now in my kitchen. The smaller pitcher would be so handy for me to take with… we go camping and moteling quite a bit and it would travel so well. I only drink filtered water by Zero as it is so very crisp and clear… my home well is not very tastey and it makes it perfect!! thanks for having such a great product!! email is

  19. we need one. we have very hard water and our recent filter flaked our on us. thanks for the chance.

    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  20. love ya but filters are not working even tho you replaced them! how sad

  21. This would be awesome to win. My daughter can only drink filtered water. Our current faucet mount system is very expensive to use and we really don't like it very much. This would help her greatly.

  22. Happy halloween and thanks for the chance to win. nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  23. My taste buds are anything but sophisticated. Usually I cannot tell tap from bottled. But I bought a zero water pitcher and I was like… wow. Is that what water really tastes like? Would really love to have one for work.

  24. I have always seen those commercials with the water that is flowing naturally through the mountain streams that looks so fresh that you want to just take a drink of it. ZeroWater tastes the way I have always expected that water to taste. I need a mountain stream of my very own for the fridge.

  25. I work in the water industry, and live in a community whose water supply was shut-down for a week last year due to chemical contamination. I don't just WANT this wonderful system, I NEED it.

  26. Filtered water is Australias premier manufacturer of filtered boiling and chilled water units for use in private and commercial applications. Manufactured in Victoria and represented nationally.

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