Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED

ZeroWater_6cupitcher Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED

Suggested Retail Price: $25.99

I am happy to host this giveaway.  I recently received a couple of Zero Pitchers when I went to The Talk and my family really likes them. When I was given the opportunity to host a giveaway, I knew I had to share this with my readers.

There’s no better way to get through the day than with great-tasting, pure water.  Enjoy pure-tasting water at home or office with ZeroWater’s new sleek 6-Cup Filter Pitcher, the only pitcher filter system certified to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s standard for Purified Bottled Water.  With a five-stage filter system and designed with space-saving convenience in mind, the pitcher makes it easy to enjoy fresh tap water that is virtually free of dissolved solids throughout the day. The pitcher sits attractively on desk or table and features a one-hand pull-and-pour button spout to fill any bottle or cup. A revolutionary new Filter Change Indicator lights up when the filter needs changing, plus an underneath water filter assembly ensures that water passes through the filter and not around it.The Zero Water  filtration system combines five sophisticated technologies that work together to remove 99.9% of dissolved solids from tap water, delivering great tasting water.

Please post a comment to enter this giveaway.  The end date is October 31st.

ZeroWater_6cupitcher Zero Water 6 Cup Pitcher Giveaway-CLOSED