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Listerine+Smart+Rinse Listerine Smart Rinse Review - Giveaway

My family uses Listerine, so I knew my son would love to review Listerine Smart Rinse.  When I heard about the, Keeping Smiles Healthy with Listerine Smart Rinse This Back-To-School Season campaign I was eager to try a sample, because this is the time of year for my family’s 6 month dentist visit and of course back to school.

We received our bottle of Listerine Smart Rinse a couple of weeks ago and my seven year old has been using it.  He is really into personal hygiene and with all of his teeth falling out since he was four oral care has been a large topic in our household.

I know good oral care is important and make sure I take my children to the dentist often. But, prior to agreeing to review the product, I was glad to read in an email correspondence that, Daily flossing and rinsing with a fluoridated mouthrinse, like Listerine Smart Rinse, are essential in keeping kids’ smiles bright, beaming and healthy. Providing 12-hour cavity protection, Listerine Smart Rinse strengthens teeth 99 percent better than brushing alone.  This reassured me that I have been doing the right thing for my two children 18 and 7 years old.

Within the past month my seven year old, son has lost two teeth.  He has almost all of his adult teeth and has been toothless for three years now.  After loosing his last two teeth and really focusing on using his Listerine Smart Rinse, he was eager to go to the dentist last Saturday, to show her how nice and clean his teeth are.  The dentist was pleased and let him know he has been doing a great job.  She cleaned his teeth during his visit and he thought they were very clean, but when he returned home he wanted to brush, floss and rinse.  He is developing a habit of rinsing more often.  He likes the taste and the colors.  We are going through the big boy stage, so this is something big boys do.

It is important to have a nice clean mouth.  If you would like to win a bottle  of Listerine Smart Rinse enter my giveaway.  I am giving away one bottle of Listerine Smart Rinse.  Please post a comment to enter. This giveaway ends October 20th Thanks!!!

Listerine+Smart+Rinse Listerine Smart Rinse Review - Giveaway


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