Renuzit Fresh Accents Review

As a Purex Insider, I received a free sample of Renuzit Fresh Accents, air fresheners to review. I received Winter Berry and Festive Snow fragrances. Not only was I happy to receive this but my children were as well. We are a family that loves our home to smell of good scents.

When I opened the packages I thought they smelled really good. I put the Winter Berry on the kitchen counter that divide the kitchen and dinning area for a couple of days, then I later decided to put in the living area by my sliding door so the fresh air could strengthen the Winter Berry scent in the entire room. When I enter the front door now, I smell Winter Berry.

I have placed Festive Snow in my bathroom and the snow scent is wonderful.

I have been able to place them in any room, because they blend in with the decor of any room. They are so cute. When they are placed in a window or a place where there is light there is a lighting effect that comes through.

These scents will freshen my home for up to 30 days. I have to run out and buy some before the 30 days are up, because I like the way they smell.

As an insider I received 3 coupons for a free Fresh Accents, that I have shared with friends and family so they can enjoy these Fresh Accents as well. I am sure their experience was just a s good as mine if not better. Now you should go out and purchase this product so your home can smell just as wonderful as mine.

538-150x150 Renuzit Fresh Accents Review