Coffee Matte Cafe Collection Review

Recently I hosted a Coffee Mate Cafe Collection Party.   Coffee Matte is introducing their Cafe Collection of three coffee blends-Caramel Macchiato, White Chocolate Caramel Latte and Cafe Latte.

As the host of this party I invited about 10-12 people over to my house for games, food and coffee.  Knowing that there were three new flavors being introduced I also had other flavors for my guest to try also out of the 25 flavors Coffee Matte has to offer.  A couple of the flavors come in sugar free and reduced fat, which is always good, because so many people try to be health conscious for various reasons.   For my party I provided both liquid and powder to show that it comes in both forms.

The aroma in my house was amazing with they variety of smells from the coffee.  Some of us even tried it with our tea and that was very delicious.  I have been told that it can also be used for baking.  Throughout the night, all I could hear was, “This is good.”  Some people had multiple cups of coffee alone or with a pastry.

In my party pack I received free coupons for my guest to get a free full sized Coffee Matte product.  They were all so happy and surprised.  This was definitely one of the best parties I hosted and everyone loved the product.  I did not hear a negative thing at all and since then I have spoken with some of the people that attended the party and they are telling me what flavor they have purchased and have thanked me again.

This is a product you should rush out and buy.

Organic-Matcha-150x150 Coffee Matte Cafe Collection Review