Welch’s Healthy Start Review

Recently, I joined the BzzAgent campaign for Welch’s Healthy Start.  I was eager to join this campaign, because my family and I really like Welch’s Grape Juice, so I thought this would perfect for us to try and bzz about.  In my bzz kit I received a coupon for a free Welch’s Healthy Start and some$1.00 off coupons as well.  I passed those along to friends and family and kept the free one for myself.  This new juice is conord grape refrigerated 100% juice, meaning there is no sugar added.  I could not wait to go the store and get my free Welch’ Grape Juice.  Well, it took a while for me to find it.  I tried three major supermarkets and they did not have it.  I found myself bzzing to the sales people in the store.  Finally, one day I was able to get my free juice.  It was really good.  My family and I try to eat and drink healthy.  For the most part we drink juice that is 100% real juice or fresh pressed, so this was ideal for us.  The juice offers 260% daily value of the antioxident vitamin C and 2 times the vitamin C in orange juice.  There is also two servings of fruit in every eight ounce glass.  I am so happy that Welch’s has introduced this product.  It is a good product that my family and I enjoyed and plan on buying more in the near future.  If this product was not so hard to find it would be perfect.  I think if you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle Welch’s Healthy Start is for you.

Welchs_Mani_Concord-Grape-Juice_64ozP_360dpi-150x150 Welch's Healthy Start Review