Yogi Bear Movie Review

My children and I received free passes for the Yogi Bear Movie Premier.  The movie was great!  I know the movie comes out today, so this is definitely a movie you do not want to miss.  Considering I grew up watching Yogi Bear and I loved the show then, I guess I can give the movie a fair review.  I remember prior to seeing the movie I spoke with a friend and she said, “I can’t believe you are going to see that, they can’t be creative and come out with movies that aren’t remakes or used to be an old cartoon or t.v. show?”  Well, to my dear friend, I would like to say, you missed out.  The movie did not do an injustice to the old cartoon.  Yogi Bear, voiced by Dan Aykroyd, was still up to his old tricks trying to steal any pic-a-nic” basket he could find in Jellystone Park and keeping Ranger Smith played by Tom Cavanagh on his toes.  As always Boo Boo voiced by Justine Timberlake, is level headed and trying to be the voice of reason for Yogi and then kind of goes along with Yogi’s antics after a short while.  The Modern Day Yogi Bear was excellent and did not do the 1950’s Hanna Barbera classic a disservice.   The 3D effects were good, especially during the scenes when they were on the water raft. Again, this is a movie the entire family will enjoy.

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