Disney On Ice Presents “Let’s Celebrate! Review

Last night my family and I attended the opening for Disney On Ice at Staples Center, in Los Angeles.  As my 5 year old, son would say, “The show was AWESOME!!!”  From the moment we walked in you could feel the excitement of the children running around in there Disney costumes or Santa hats.  After hearing the announcers voice,  the excitement grew stronger in Staples Center.  As one would guess, when the lights dimmed and the show began Staples Center turned into a concert for children.    The show displayed the special days we share throughout the year.  The opening act was Join the Party, and boy did the kids start joining the party. There were where flashing Disney ears bobbing around, hands flaring, kids jumping and screaming trying to sing along. One of the most amazing acts was Sweeping Surprises, Mickey has to sweep his room before the party, so he puts on a magic Hat and enchants a little broom.  During this act all you can see are brooms, twirling and they are sweeping everywhere.  The children were mezmerised by this.  It was so beautiful.  As the show progressed everyone was signing their favorite songs, young and old. Let’s not forget the audience participation, yells and screams sounded off throughout Staples Center, everyone eager to participate and sing a long.  Now let’s not forget the skating.  The skating was phenomenal.  The way the actors skated during the showing was amazing.  They were very creative and imaginative.  When the last act Round up Some Fun started the audience were on their feet, because Buzz Woody, Jessie and everyone came out to celebrate friendships.  The screaming for more and a favorite character was sounding through Staples louder than any other performance.  This was the best way to end the show.  As stated before, “This show was AWESOME!!!”  If you have not made plans to go see it when it comes to your city,  it is show you do not want to miss.  Go get your tickets.

Disney-on-Ice-Cinderella-150x150 Disney On Ice Presents "Let's Celebrate! Review